I'm Kelsey Greer.

I’m a high school counselor who used to teach English and believes in the power of words. I'm based out of Lincoln Nebraska, and although I was born and raised here, I value travel as a way to broaden perspective.

I am married to my best friend, Joshua, and when we're not selfishly pursuing our own creative endeavors, we are caring for our large Great Pyrenees. I definitely care about the dog more than he does.

We are a part of a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called "Sneak Attack!" with three of our closest friends, and we have been producing content with them for the last three years. This last year, Josh additionally started the D&D podcast “The Titans of All’Terra,” which we produce with our siblings.

When I'm not busy with the above, I am eating and drinking whilst being social, or reading by myself.